Dr. Michael Arkman Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author
High Priest Breastplate
On my last archaeological trip to Israel during the 3rd week of March of 2011...  while
looking and shopping around the Old City in Jerusalem, I went inside one of the shops and
immediately what caught my eye was a black velvet bag with the embroidered design of
what represents the High Priest Breastplate that was hanging from the ceiling wall inside
this shop. The man also sold T-shirts which I did but my green IDF (Israel Defense Force)
military T-shirt. See below a photo of the beautiful carrying velvet bag/case....
Project #4
Ever since that day, the Lord has been burning in my heart to research everything related to
the High Priest Breastplate. I believe there's something He wants me to know and understand
because He has another project that He wants me to either discover or be involved with that
He's requiring a level of knowledge and understanding. When I first started working on this
project, I had not realized how extremely difficult would be to accurately display in their
right sequence and order the "12 precious stones" mentioned in Exodus and the "12 Tribes   
of Israel". It's worth mentioning that Ezekiel lists and describes 9 of the precious stones that
were encrusted in satan's body (yes, satan with a small s). In the book of Revelation it also
mentions 12 precious stones as part of the walls of the "New Jerusalem" with the names
written of the 12 Tribes of the children of Israel.  The desire to accurately display in its
correct order and sequences of the 12 stones and 12 Tribes of Israel... this passion burns
deep within the roots and foundations of my being! Hey, God put it there!!! I will show you
in the photo below part of the graphic I made of my ongoing research/project...
The above graphic displays all (3) references that I was able to acquire through research. (2)
references were taken from the books of Exodus and Revelation. The 3rd reference was
taken from the works and records of Josephus. The order of the 12 Tribes of Israel (In
Hebrew, when you read... is from right to left and from top to bottom) is what I believe
would be the correct order, since Josephus stated that the order of the 12 Tribes of Israel
was according to the order of their birth. Now, the Temple Institute in Jerusalem have
finished with what they believe would be the exact order of the stones and tribes, but even
they stated that this was the most complicated project they ever overtaken and still they are
not 100% sure of the accuracy of their research... that said, even while doing research online,
there seems to be so many contradictions of the orders of the stones and tribes. Is like
everyone is saying something totally different! Indeed, this project may never be completed
until either myself or someone else finds or discovers an actual High Priest Breastplate
possibly secreted somewhere in a cave... The graphic/photo below, represents the latest on
this ongoing project. I took the sample from the Temple Institute and I re-arranged it in the
order I believe they should be. The 12 Tribes by the order of their birth and their respective
stones is still unsure...
Project #4 Status: CONTINUING