Dr. Michael Arkman Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author
Project #6
Bible Versions Comparisons
(Why every Bible teacher should use KJV)
At the beginning of October of 2011, I was working on one of my World Class PowerPoint
presentations titled: Bible Versions and I heard the voice of the Lord tell me that the Amplified
Bible version was not divinely inspired of Him. I'm like what, I have never heard anything
negative about that particular bible. Now, I already knew that there were issues with the New
King James Version of the Bible so I did extensive research on it, you can find info on this bible
Wikipedia™, but what you won't find on Wiki™, is what I found out... See below.
The above,  5" x 7" postcard was designed, to show the differences between the King James
Bible vs the NIV,  NKJV,  AMP,  NASB and ESV...were incredible and very subtle.   Most
Christians believe that the reason we have so many bible versions is so that people could
understand better the word of God. Problem is, we don't need man's opinion to understand
God's word, but rather we require the help that comes from the Holy Spirit to understand and
interpret the holy word of God!  I also added a little section on all the scriptures the New
International Version (NIV) has purposely deleted and removed... most are written in red
ink (words that were spoken by our Lord and Savior Jesus!) Read Luke 24:45 KJV!!!

So the enemy is a formidable opponent and extremely crafty. It was his idea to come up with so
many bible versions which most are a distortion and perversion of the purity and accuracy of
God's holy and spoken word. I'm not saying that using those versions will send you to hell or
that God can't move and save someone using "these" versions... what I'm saying is... every Bible
teacher and everyone called to the 5 fold ministry should use KJV and most of all, to be aware
of the issues with using other Bible versions. The KJV provides the most accurate and purest
renditions and representation of God's word, the others are dilutions of His word.

Everyone reading this should do their own research. A lot of distortion, dilution and perversion
found on the other versions attack and bring doubt and zero in to the majesty & deity of Jesus.
"You have been graciously warned of the truth!!!" - Arkman
Project #6 Status: COMPLETED!