Dr. Michael Arkman Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author
Project #8
World Class PowerPoint Show titled
"The Tithe: Will a man rob God?"
This is a World Class PowerPoint presentation that's anointed and straight out from
the mouth of the Holy Spirit. Most church leaders will either hate or dislike me,  but
God has given me a prophetic word in regards of "the tithe". I present very clearly,
through this awesome divine presentation the truth about "tithing", from Genesis to
Revelation and show indisputable, precise, clear and conclusive evidence that Jesus
nor Paul or any other disciple/apostle taught,  received or collected the tithe.  As  a
matter of fact, no record exists of Jesus or Paul paying a "tithe". The presentation  
is available to be presented at a church, university or group.  I always,  after any of
my presentations will take extra time to answer all questions (Q & A). Officially, on
January 3rd of 2014... I finalized and completed this presentation. This mission was
given to me by the Holy Spirit,  believe me I did not volunteer nor asked for this...
The Lord simply recruited and drafted me. I worked on it for about a week. Below,
you will see the 4" by 6" post card,  I put together and I pretty much condensed the
all the information you would need to prove "tithing" was not designed or taught for
the New Testament born again believer.  Most church leaders would disagree with
but we all now what 1 Timothy 6:10 says in regards of the love of money... Therefore
the prosecution rests its case!
Project #8 Status: COMPLETED!