Dr. Michael A. Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author
Basic design dimensions: length (poles) are 23 ½", height is 10 ½" and depth is 5½".
At this time, the Lord has allowed me to have this special replica done as a witness
to the church and to the world. I know the Lord has placed in my heart a passion for
the ark and it's history, and what a blessing from the Lord, to be part of what He is
doing in regards of this awesome and incredible discovery.
For more photos of the Ark of the Covenant click on:

Ark 1, Ark 2, Ark 3, Ark 4, Ark 5, Ark 6, Ark 7, Ark 8 & Ark Chest
Legal Notice: Copyright © 2007 Dr. Michael A. Bonilla & Bonilla Archaeological Research. All rights reserved.
Bonilla Archaeological Research is proud to announce, that it has obtained and
purchased the rights of this exclusive design of The Ark of the Covenant.  This
is a beautiful and close replica plated in genuine 24kt gold,  it  is found nowhere
else in the world, except exclusively through Bonilla Archaeological Research™.